Property maintenance Kerry

Property maintenance in Kerry, Kerry Property Maintenance with free expert advice.


Affordable maintenance in Kerry for homes and businesses

We provide affordable maintenance needs throughout Kerry and the surrounding counties including Limerick. Property Maintenance with experience maintenance of properties whether this is residential or commercial based in our service area’s.

Prevention is better than Cure and Kerry Property provide both, the maintenance of property and repair if needed. We also provide a property check to make sure that everything is in working as expected. Ideal for those with a second home or holiday home that needs supervision.


We also provide an exterior home cleaning service in Kerry area’s include Castlemaine, Caragh Lake, Keel, Beaufort, Glenbeigh, Glencar, Killorglin and Cromane and Killarney and Tralee to Sneem and across to Rathmore.

Chimney Cleaning in Kerry

Home Maintenance and Cleaning in Kerry

Another great service is chimney cleaning in Kerry, we offer a professional and efficient chimney cleaning service covering all area’s of Kerry.

Backyard Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Tar Removal, Septic Tank Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, General Handyman services, Power washing, Vehicle Cleaning, Window Washing and Upholstery Cleaning and Power Washing in Kerry.

Homes that need fixing, repairing, building, sealing, filling and hanging. Kerry Property services are here to help you with your repair and improvement needs! Odd Jobs including Interiors, IKEA Flat Pack Assembly in Kerry

Hanging Pictures mirrors, or other heavy objects, Putting up shelves, all mounting TV or other appliances, Hiding/organizing cables, Fitting blinds and curtains,

Doors/window draft proofing, weather stripping,

Easing jammed doors/windows, fixing locking mechanisms, Fitting/changing door locks, handles, bolts, Extracting broken keys from locks, Assembling flatpack furniture (IKEA) etc., Replacing and repairing most bathroom fixtures., Replacing, re caulking kitchen sinks, worktops, Mould removal,

Exterior/Outdoors in Kerry

Fencing and gates repair and maintenance, Fixing external lights, Cleaning gutters up to 3m height, Fitting gutter guards, Small exterior paint jobs, Fixing roof leak,

Electrical and Appliances

Fault finding – Have you got frequently blowing bulbs and tired of constantly replacing them? Replacing and installing Faulty sockets, switches, light fixtures, extractor fans, etc. Repairing and trouble shooting of electrical appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, electric showers, etc.

Plumbing and Home Appliances

Fixing, replacing leaking taps, pipes etc., Replacing washing machines, dish washers, etc., Bleeding or replacing radiators, Replacing radiator valves,

Decorating/Painting Homes

Repairing/patching drywalls, Filling cracks and holes, Resealing/caulking in bathrooms and kitchens – worktops, sinks, shower trays, baths, etc…,
Painting,, Small tiling jobs, Repairing or removing old grout,

For Children at home

Installing stair gates and child proofing devices, Window guards and safety netting, Toilet locks, Anchoring furniture,

Tiles Repaired in Kerry

Chinmey Cowl installation in Kerry


Cleaners in Killorglin

Cleaning Services Kerry our Services

Our services are designed to fit around you.
Home cleaning services in Kerry just €15.00 per hour. (066) 401 0132

Cleaning Solutions & Domestic Cleaning.
We offers a high quality domestic cleaning service to private residential householders.
Regular cleans & one off cleanings arranged.
Cleaning bathrooms, toilets and kitchens as standard.
If you would like a weekly house cleaning or after Guest’s leaving(2 weeks holiday home) our service is perfect for you. Get in touch and let us know the amount of hours you would like. Holiday and sickness cover is provided – call us and we can arrange temporary cover whilst your regular cleaner is off.
No hidden charges.


Weekly cleaning services arranged

Service ideal for Holiday Homes, Apartments, industrial buildings Kerry.

Office Cleaning Service

Cleaning Services All Budget

Office cleaning homes in Kerry. Our contract cleaning service caters to hygiene needs of businesses across all industry sectors.

hold Cleaning

Save time and money

Save valuable time and money call Clean Co in Kerry. We offer housecleaning and services that will help you keep your home in order.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Polishing

We restore your Tiles and Grouting, we will clean your sink, bath, shower doors and all other hard surfaces in your bathroom

Window Cleaning

We are consistently adding all the time, if you have a service that would like to add please contact us…


Chimney Cleaning in Kerry

Chimney Cleaning in Kerry

Chimney Cleaning in Killorglin, we offer a professional and efficient chimney cleaning service covering all area’s of Kerry.

Backyard Cleaning, Building Cleaning,  Tar Removal, Septic Tank Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, General Handyman services, Power washing, Vehicle Cleaning, Window Washing and Upholstery Cleaning in Kerry.

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Kerry and Cork in Ireland

Clean Co Pest Control Cork and Kerry. We are Ireland’s biggest provider of pest control solutions from prevention and protection to removal and elimination.

Pest Control is a 7 days a week job so we stay open 7 days a week. Throughout the country to keep your home and business free of pest and Vermon . We providing a friendly and quality service for the quick removal of rats, mice, wasps and other forms of pests.

We understand that when your home or business is invaded by unwanted pests that the experience can be alarming and very upsetting especially with children. We are here to provide a thorough and professional treatment and eradication service to meet your needs.

We will alway respect your wishes and follow your instructions when dealing with little creatures.

Pest Control Kerry and Cork, we provide…

• Same Day Call outs                              • Commercial and Domestic Services        •  Best Prices
• Unsigned Vehicles                                • Professionally Qualified Technicians      •  Personal Proofing
• Free Estimate by Phone                      • 24 hours 7 days Service                            •  Rats & Mice, Rodent

Bed Bugs Controlled

Bed Bugs Pest Control in Cork and Kerry

Bed bugs are fast becoming a major pest.  They are not native to Ireland and have made their way in through people’s clothes and suitcases. Bed bugs lay eggs that are nearly invisible and bedbugs themselves can lay dormant for up to a year… Read More

Spider Pest Controlled

Spider Pest Control Cork and Kerry

Spiders aren’t just a scourge during the summer, in the winter they move into your house and if you don’t treat is right, you’ll have a lot of them to deal with.  Spiders lay eggs and attics have been known to be crawling with them

Flea Treatment

Fleas come in with pets or children and can get everywhere. While diy remedies exist, sometimes a flea problem can get too big and require professional flea treatment Read More

Bed Bugs Controlled

Vermin & Rodent Control

Mice Vermin & Rodent Control in Cork and Kerry

Of all the infestations you can get, a mouse infestation is perhaps one of the cutest. If you are one of the many people afraid of mice, you probably won’t agree of course. And actually, you’d be right. They might be furry and quite easy on

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is often ignored until it is too late. When woodworm is discovered, a pest control company should be consulted. Effective Pest Control Dublin are specialised in sourcing, eradicating and proofing against woodworm… Read More

Rat Control

Rat Control Plague Cork and Kerry in Ireland

Rats are a scourge both in towns and in the country – they live in and destroy property and carry disease. Rats will normally require professional extermination control to remove them fully.

Wasp Nest Removal

Individual Wasp or Nest Removal in Kerry and Cork

Wasp removal or extermination requires professional expertise as wasps are one of the nastiest pests out there.  If you have a wasps’ nest in the vicinity,  you’ll want to get the pest control professionals in asap to come out and get rid of them.

Cockroach Control Treatment

Cockroach Treatment in Cork and Kerry

Cockroaches require professional attention.  Effective Pest Control Dublin have a professional cockroach extermination team.  We exterminate and proof your premises against future cockroach infestations.

Mouse Control and Exterminators

Mouse Control and Exterminators in Cork and Kerry

Mice chew walls, wires and wood and can be a health risk. A small mouse problem can grow out of control rapidly, if not tackled rapidly which is where Effective Pest Control comes in

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Power Washing

Window Cleaning Kerry and Cork. Window Washing in Cork and Kerry. Gutter Cleaning Cork, Kerry Ireland.

power washing kerry and cork Ireland

Power Washing Services Kerry and Cork

Power Washing

Kerry and Cork Window Cleaning offers outstanding outside power washing as part of our services…

  • Drive-ways, Drives and Patios power washed.
  • Footpaths power washed.
  • Paving tiles and slabs power washed.
  • Building Exteriors including extensions power washed.
  • Decking power washed.
  • Cladding power washed.
  • Walls and Fences power washed as needed.
  • Chimney Cleaning Service
  • Gutters Washing Services

Contact us for a deal on these services in either Kerry or Cork

One Off Cleanings Blitz Cleaning

One Off Blitz Cleanings

One Off Clean, The Blitz Clean, Cleaners in Kerry and Cork Ireland

Any Time Cleaning Services:
Want your home completely dusted, polished, clean, fresh start any time of the year.

After Builders:
When they have finished, we can give you your house a through cleaning, dusting etc.

Are you moving or renting :
To do a top to bottom clean when you or tenants move out, or clean your new home before you move in.

Special Events/Occasions:
For special events like before or after a party. A Holy Communion, a Wedding, Confirmation or Birthdays – or before the family come to stay, we have a package for you.

What we do during a Spring Clean:
We can cover all the jobs in a regular clean plus any of the following:

  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Wash gloss work
  • Clean inside cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes etc
  • Clean inside ovens, fridges, microwaves etc
  • Polish or Clean silver, brass ornaments, cutlery etc
  • Wash all tiles, floor to ceiling, bathrooms and toilets
  • Polish floors

Chimney Cleaning in Kerry

Chimney Cleaning in Kerry

Chimney Cleaning Kerry and Cork Ireland

Chimney Cleaning in Kerry and Cork, we offer a professional and efficient chimney cleaning service covering all area’s of Kerry and Cork.

  • High Standards – we sweep all types of chimney flues using technology ensuring that your entire chimney is thoroughly cleanse and free from any restrictions or blockages.
  • No mess – we use a system that ensure that everything is left clean and tidy.
  • Affordable Prices – all our services are offered at very competitive prices, contact us for a quote.

The purpose of sweeping chimneys is to ensure that they are clear of obstruction and to clear sooty deposits, reducing the risk of a chimney fire. Remember aClean Chimneys are Safer Chimneys. Chimney termination fitted is correct for the appliance and fuel type in use and that ventilation requirements.

We offer a professional and efficient chimney cleaning service covering Kerry and Cork. All types of chimney flues using brush & Vac. There is no way that a flue can be cleaned by using Vac alone, if this is offered to you then refuse.

When each chimney is swept we issue a certificate of sweeping. This can be used as proof for insurances companies.

In addition to Chimney Cleaning service we also provide the following services, Chimney Relining, Reaming & Removal of Tar, Stove Fitting, Septic Tank Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, General handyman services, Power washing, Vehicle Cleaning, Window Washing. Contact Us for more details on our services.

Holiday Home Cleaning

Specialise in Holiday Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning Cleaners in Kerry and Cork SpecialiseMost landlords take advantage of our holiday home special offers. Give us a booking list and we will choose the best time to clean your house. Usually 1 or two days between bookings. But if your booked out we can arrange a time to suit you your holidaymakers/tenants. A regular clean take a 4 hours block.

Chimney and gutter cleanings may be more if included.

Complete Cleaning Service

Whether you are looking for a regular cleaning service, or a once off, cleaning up after a party, annual spring cleans or quarterly deep cleans in Cork or Kerry, we have a wide variety of residential cleaning services to match your requirements.

We take pride in leaving all our homes sparkling. That’s why we are Cork and Kerry’s leading house cleaning company.

Get in touch today via our contact page.

Clean Co Services for your domestic cleaning service, you will receive:

  • Cleaning Service.
  • A reliable and trustworthy team of 2 cleaners, with checked references and trained to meet the very highest standards.
  • If you choose to have regular visits, the same team will be provided for every visit, so you feel comfortable knowing who is in your house. A replacement cleaner will be provided only in the event of illness or holiday is needed.